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Karam Ceramics Limited is engaged in manufacturing ceramic tiles by incorporating latest technology in ceramics from France, Italy,China and England. At present KCL is using Roto Colour and inkjet machines for designing of tiles and using computerized continuous Kiln. This modern technology is different than the traditional technology. In this new technology each individual tile, of any size, is fired in the Roller Kiln to achieve durability. The most important benefit is that result of the firing is achieved within an hour and the defect, if any, is detected in time to help avoid mass wastages. These tile are then printed, testified at every stage while in process, and passed by quality control department finally before being packed. Thus every piece is thoroughly checked by the inspection department and it is the only secret of our quality which speaks for itself.
KCL has Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles manufacturing plants:
a. Wall Tiles
The tiles unit commenced commercial production on November 1, 1984 and in short period has become one of the major contributors to the Pakistan market. The plant and machinery of this unit has been acquired from CERIC CETIC of France and NESSETTI of Italy. Due to growing demand of “Karam” tiles, the plant was upgraded and modernized in the year l988. The Company through the efforts of its Research and Development Department and highly professional marketing team, aims to keep customers satisfied by providing the products according to their needs which tends to give “Karam” an edge over others. KCL is also conducting necessary market surveys and need analysis to formulate and implement an export marketing strategy. The plant is upgraded every three years to bring in latest technological changes made globally in the field.
b. Floor Tiles
The Floor Tiles unit commenced commercial production in April 1992. The plant and machinery of this unit has been acquired from NESSETTI of Italy and the most modern equipments and machinery are supplied by SACMI of Italy. Karam Ceramics’ attractive Floor Tiles give all buildings, whether commercial or residential, a complete new look. These tiles are durable, manageable, easy to clean, hygienic, scratch proof, and also conserve electric energy. These Floor Tiles give an everlasting feeling of splendor and luxury.

The high speed plant has built in quality control system and every single tile strictly adheres to pre specified quality standards. Last but not least KCL is ISO certified company and meets with all International quality standards.

Recently KCL has installed new plant for production of floor Tiles which can produce multicolor tiles of latest computerized designs to cater the presently day needs of the market.

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